Raw Chocolate Addiction

Just last month, I started to change my routines into a more healthy, natural lifestyle (God knows I need it). I make pounds of spinach, watercress, celery, apples and ginger juices every other day to start. And there’s the gym and personal training sessions (that’s one up from walking as my only exercise). There’s also my refined skincare routine – organic oils and Egyptian magic.

I’ve read the cosmetics and body sections of the clean product bible – No More Dirty Looks, and am inspired enough to have organic shampoo and clean body wash in my cupboard waiting to replace the Redken Curls shampoo and the Body Shop shower gel that I’m currently trying to polish off. The detox of my products is starting slowly but surely. My concern, apart from health issues, is mainly why am I paying for crap that makes my body less beautiful? So I’m trying out the clean products.. and will write about them some time later.


I still can’t live without my occasional coke and redbulls, all-nighters and alcohol. And mostly, my pills to keep me sane. But I’m trying..

And this attempt into healthier food and turned into a full-blown addiction with these Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate blended with Coconut Cream and Probiotics. I didn’t see it coming really. From the day, I went into the Nature Blessing Soho Organic foodstore, with an over-enthus shopowner, with the intention to get my Organic Coconut oil for my creams and stuff. I left with the coconut oil (which Edie is addicted to and eats its fresh out of the bottle, every time I go to sleep) and three bars of these raw chocolates. I just had a chocolate craving and bought them on impulse  An expensive impulse, these darlings cost 88HKD for 3, about 33HKD if you buy them alone. I get a 3% members’ discount.

Ombar Raw Chocolate

I started munching them at night, a weak and bad moment to have with chocolate, and there I fell in love. It was gradual, the dark raw chocolate was actually out of my usual sweetened milk chocolate palette. But the cocoa and the creaminess of the coconut cream gets to you. It is brittle yet completely melts into a chocolate induced near-coma of nirvana.

I have since then returned to repurchase twice. The first time I got three bars. I gave one to Kahee (my korean love-hate surrogate family in HK), only to have Edie polish off my supplies and steal hers in the night. I went again today and couldn’t help but bankrupt myself with twelve bars of these – one goes to Kahee. I think I depleted the store’s supply (the next batch comes before christmas), and I heard there’s a store in Wanchai selling them at 36HKD each.

I have but nine bars left and counting right now. And its philosophy essay night, so I wonder how many more 190 calories bars will I burn through tonight. This isn’t good, oh dear.


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