The problem today is our love programs run on Mac OSs.

Recently more friends of mine and I have dawned upon this realisation about romance and love. The realisation that we were wrong. There is absolutely nothing cool about love.

There are definitely more than two types of people in this world. But I’ll take a bold step and slice them into two big groups.

  • The ‘old’ believers of the “simple, down to earth, i’m in it for the grand prize, love” (who in my analogy are the people programmed to run on on old style windows)
  • The cool crowd that made the categories (and lived in them) ONS, friends with benefits, no strings attached, summer love, skinny love, puppy love, it’s complicated, open relationships, etc (people programmed to run on Mac)

I don’t know if these programmes are inborn or simply a matter of a choice made too long ago.  But it seems they govern how we love and how we feel in love. I, unfortunately fell in group 2  – a mac user.

Life was way less complicated in the days of arranged marriage (to be honest, I sometimes feel like regressing back to those times). The invention of romantic love came along with it’s bag of problems. We, now, face more than before the threat of alone-ness.

Yet, it’s still simple to some people. I feel a certain strange distance from Jasmine, when I see her in her blissful relationship and to-be-marriage, her falling in love and marrying her very first boyfriend. It’s happiness for sure, but a kind foreign to me. Foreign. Almost like me wondering how she survives with her windows computer. People like her, are the lucky ones I think. They didn’t complicate matter of the heart, and kept love, pure, as it should be.

Though, sometimes we condescend on these people, like Mac users frequently do to windows users. We condescend about their love that lack the epicness of the movies, the lack of drama, pain and conflicts. We condescend about their lack of coolness, their no-variety experience. Why have boring till-death-do-us-part, when you could have all the sex, romance and drama before the binding rings go on? For the most us, we still see their love as our destination, just not now. We keep thinking: not before I have all the bad but cool stuff that makes movies and shakespeare tradegies.

But what if windows computers are all we need? Without the flashy graphics, and cool interfaces. No motifs, no gimmicks, no aesthetics. Just plain old simple microsoft. There must be something in this, because despite our smooth-running Mac OS, we still make space to run parallels and bootcamps, to have windows running on our Mac.

It’s a just thought on love. Just a running thought in my head.


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